A Magical Schoolbook

Learn to speak English fluently and with confidence!

Astrid focuses on teaching kids and teens the practical side of learning English. Through our conversation-driven, AI-powered, language learning platform, Astrid evaluates and supports pronunciation and fluency practice in real time.
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With Astrid, your child will:
Develop native English conversation skills
Learn at their own pace: anytime, anywhere, on any screen
Engage with fun stories and exercises
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Designed for the next generation of learners
Centered around Applied Linguistics, Astrid allows the development of the practical language skills, such as pronunciation, fluency and vocabulary, without losing its focus on fun. Powered by artificial intelligence, our magical schoolbook actively listens when you read and automatically adapts to your individual learning style, level of understanding and pace. An engaging personalised learning journey for the student, scaffolded by deep insights and recommendations made available to teachers and parents.
Empowering both teachers & parents
Actionable, real time, insights on individual student progress
Tailored recommendations and interventions
Elevate classroom instruction and ensure student success
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An AI-powered magical schoolbook
By applying recent breakthroughs in machine learning and speech recognition, we provide a scalable AI-powered solution to anyone who’s ever dreamt of growing up speaking like a native speaker.

We offer immersive and motivating stories and fun exercises with the focus on creating engaged learners. By delivering real time updates of each student’s individual  progress, we empower teachers and parents to better support their children on their learning journeys.
A magical schoolbook…
An adaptive and personalised library of curated, high quality, stories and exercises, designed to make practice fun
…that tracks performance…
Fun and engaging formative assessments continuously track each child’s progress
…and delivers deep insights!
Actionable diagnostic reports and recommendations to facilitate instruction, saving time and resources
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