A new way to
learn English

Astrid combines storytelling with an engaging AI-powered learning journey to help kids and teens around the world become fluent, confident English speakers.

Voice-based English learning, powered by AI.

Utilizing award-winning AI and speech recognition, Astrid actively listens, evaluates, and supports English pronunciation and fluency practice in real-time while collecting actionable insights - all you need is your voice.

With a leading academic approach.

Centered around Applied Linguistics, and research conducted together with Oxford Languages, Astrid allows the development of practical English skills by perfecting pronunciation, fluency and vocabulary. We built Astrid with the child in focus, based on an academic approach, storytelling and gamification.

We believe in a brighter future.

Becoming a fluent and confident English speaker unlocks further education paths, access to information, and career opportunities. We want to make quality education accessible to everyone, everywhere, by catering to each student’s individual needs and giving every child the transformational skills needed for a brighter future.

"It is engaging for the students who feel it is a fun way to learn new words and improve their English skills. The immediate feedback the tool provides them gives them a real incentive to improve and to keep practicing."


"I love listening to my daughter reading, it is obvious that she learns how to pronounce the words very quickly."


"I love this game!"


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