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We help children learn the most important skills they acquire in life.

About Astrid Education
We are Astrid, an educational technology company that applies recent breakthroughs in machine learning to education. We focus on foundational skills that have transformative powers for the individual child, their families and communities. We design our products as drivers of impact. Our team consists of experienced engineers, academics and company builders with backgrounds ranging from EF, Google and Spotify.

We are based in Stockholm, Sweden and Oxford, UK and are backed by a renowned set of investors and advisors.
What we believe in
Still today, students all around the world are shepherded through their learning journey in lockstep together with the rest of their peers, regardless of whether or not they have fully understood the basic, underlying concept. This results in knowledge gaps that often go unrecognised and unresolved due to time pressures in the academic calendar. These knowledge gaps inevitably accumulate over time and the student runs a high risk of eventually hitting a wall.

It is important that we recognise that this is not to the fault of our teachers. It is the fault of a century old process and structure created long before digital tools were available. To cater to each student’s individual needs without the right tools is an impossible mission for the teacher.

The good news is that it no longer needs to be like this. With technology and digital resources, each individual student can progress on their learning journey at their own pace, making sure that they master each concept before moving forward. On a learning platform with curated digital resources and assessments, designed around personalised learning, the teacher will be empowered to give each student the time and support they need.

We also strongly believe that life long learning is about developing more than traditional knowledge and 21st-century skills. Learning is a social process where the student’s relationships and environment greatly impacts the student’s progress. At Astrid, we therefore put great emphasis on concepts like mental and physical health as well as cognitive and social/emotional development when we curate all resources on our learning platform.

The Team

Andreas Kullberg

Founder / CEO

John Kristensen

Founder / CFO

Andrii Sydorchuk


Vasilis Kalogiras

Machine Learning Engineer

Erik Tällberg

Product Manager

Rachel Baker

Chief Academic Officer

Joe Flory

Head of Content

Quintus Roos

Junior Developer

Vendela Talenti

UX designer

Gabriella Westman

UX Researcher

Linnéa Lindberg

Marketing & Growth Manager

Giang Tu

Research Consultant


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