Academic Principles

Astrid is built around our evidence-based Academic Principles

1. Learning through stories connected to childrens’ lives

Astrid’s stories show how English speakers really communicate. They’re also a fun way to learn new words and phrases.

2. Instant feedback on students’ English

Astrid gives students immediate feedback on every English sentence they say and question they answer. Students always have the chance to try again and improve.

3. Stories and activities at the right level, with personalized practice

Astrid’s English test helps us recommend stories at the right level for each student. And at the end of each story, students can practice the words that were most difficult for them.

4. A non-threatening learning environment

Astrid gives students the chance to practice their English, make mistakes, get feedback, and try again, all in the privacy of their home. This encourages even shy students to challenge themselves.

5. Frequent, short English practice sessions

Astrid encourages students to study often, in short sessions. This leads to better learning than one long session.