Your AI-powered language tutor.

Astrid is a conversation-driven and AI-powered magical schoolbook. By applying recent breakthroughs in machine learning and speech recognition, we enable anyone who ever dreamt of growing up speaking like a native English speaker.

Astrid combines meaningful storytelling with an engaging AI-powered learning journey to empower the next generation of learners around the world.

The magical schoolbook Astrid

Actively listens to you

Astrid actively listens when you read, evaluates and supports pronunciation and fluency practice in real-time.

Adapts to your learning

The magical schoolbook automatically adapts to your individual learning style, level of understanding and pace.

Collects actionable insights

An engaging personalised learning journey, scaffolded by deep, actionable insights made available to parents and teachers.

A voice-based language tutor…
A personalized learning journey with high-quality content, designed to make practice fun.
…that adapts to your learning…
Astrid actively listens, evaluates and supports pronunciation and fluency practice in real-time.
…and delivers deep insights!
Deep, actionable insights made available to parents and teachers.

Improve fast.

Boost speaking skills with instant and precise scoring on pronunciation. Get real-time feedback on pronunciation and fluency, and learn correctly by listening to native speakers.

Learn smart.

Learn at the right level and practice what you really need in guided short and frequent sessions. Use Astrid anytime, anywhere, and gain confidence while you practice in your safe space.

Empowering teachers and parents.

By delivering actionable, real-time, insights on each individual student's progress, we empower teachers and parents to better support their children when learning English. Tailored recommendations delivered in diagnostic reports, elevate and facilitate instruction, saving time and resources to ensure student success.

"Everyone got a chance to dare to speak English, the students got help from Astrid and did not have to wait for me."


"Students have gotten much bigger opportunities to practice reading compared to if only I would have listened to them."


"The students can practice their English reading and pronunciation without needing me beside them."



Meet our study buddies


Abbe enjoys helping out and cheers when you pronounce things right.


Alva and her pet, Buddy, like to improve your vocabulary.


Alfred loves to practice spelling and to make fluency compelling.